Why is everyone outraged?

Yesterday, Starbucks unveiled a new cup for election season that’s been dubbed their “unity” cup that features a “mosaic of more than a hundred people drawn in one continuous stroke.” You can of course read about it straight from Starbucks in their press release.

I personally love this cup. But of course, whenever a highly visible company or person does something, everyone has to pipe up and weigh in on how they feel. Some people legitimately thought that this new “unity” cup was Starbucks’ holiday cup – which I GUESS I could understand, seeing as the  cups which are traditionally red and themed accordingly with the Holidays are typically released around this time of year.

However, because the cup was GREEN and had NOTHING to do with the Holidays, people immediately became completely outraged, attacking Starbucks all over social media for taking the “Christ” out of Christmas… Just like last year when people freaked out because the actual holiday cups were a simple red ombre cup devoid of anything “Holiday.”

So now, of course, my personal commentary…

THEY ARE FREAKING CUPS… future trash. If you care this much about a stinking cup, I question your priorities.


So this whole situation begs the question – WHY are people so freaking outraged?

It pains me that we are at a point in our cultural evolution where it seems that EVERYONE is outraged by everything. And if you don’t hop on the band wagon, people think you’re nuts.

Someone wears their hair a certain way — OUTRAGE!

Someone does not speak out against whatever the cultural-issue-du-jour is — OUTRAGE!

Someone thinks the dress is white and gold, not blue and black — OUTRAGE!

Again, the over-the-top outrage at everything makes me question peoples’ priorities.

How about instead of spending your time freaking out that the new Starbucks cup is GREEN and/or NOT the Holiday cup you thought you’d have in your hands on November 1, you focus on being a happy camper, thinking positive, changing the world or simply doing something nice for someone else. Your outrage is NOT worth the time and frustration.



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